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Price: $13.99
Size: 750ml
Alcohol Content: 11.5%

My husband bought this for me at our local liquor store so it’s safe to say this drink can be found almost anywhere these days.

As you can see from the above photo, the bottle is really cute and I will definitely add it to my “cool bottle” collection. Now I’m up to 2 so calling it a collection is arguable.

The margarita is already fully mixed with the tequila (Blue Agave) and as it says on the bottle, it’s ready to drink. A glass, some ice, and pour. I personally cannot stand salt so I always skip that part.

The taste is what you can expect from a margarita. Tangy and sweet. This particular drink has a definite taste of lime which comes out from the first sip.

Aside from the usual taste of margarita there is one drawback and that’s the chemically taste I started to notice after the first couple of sips. Once I noticed it I couldn’t ignore it. But it wasn’t strong enough to make it undrinkable, it was just annoying.

Bottom Line: I would recommend this drink for the occasional indulgence if you don’t want a whole lot to drink and you don’t mind the price. Personally, there are cheaper ways to make margaritas so this will be a one-off for me. Now that I have the adorable bottle there’s really no reason for me to continue to buy it. Call this one a novelty drink.