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 Price: Free with option to purchase game money for special items

Most of you have heard about The Sims series of games from The Sims (original) to The Sims Online (the failed attempt to make the franchise into an MMO). Now the great folks at EA games have created The Sims Social which can be played on most social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook.

The game is purportedly in the beta stage, as of this writing, so be prepared for glitches and errors.

Once you get over the initial annoyance of the bugs; the game itself is a nice time-waster. I don’t even notice how much time I’ve spent decorating, visiting friends, and skilling my sim for money, until I glance down at a clock and am shocked back into reality.

One thing to be aware of if you decide to play this game is that other Facebook friends who don’t play this game may get annoyed by the constant stream of Sims related posts (you can control which ones show up and which don’t). Facebook has made it easier for your friends to turn off game notifications from you if they feel you’re overdoing it. But most people don’t bother adjusting their settings; they prefer to click the ever-present Unfriend button instead.

I’m pretty sure you can set it up so only the friends who play this game can see your updates but I haven’t played around with the new privacy settings as much as I should.  If I find a way to do that, I’ll update this post.

Until then, I’m enjoying the game and all the fun surprises that come with it!