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I got a free bottle (retail value $14) from BzzAgent to try but this review is my opinion alone.

I’ve been hearing about BB Cream but I never knew what it was until I Google’d it and found out it’s been out since the 1960’s but only in S. Korea. Apparently, the S. Korean people noticed their celebs were hiding a secret beauty tip from the masses…..it was BB Cream! Originally developed for dermatologists to use on patients to help protect their skin from the sun and elements after laser surgery, celebs in that region realized it could be used daily to make their skin look and feel hydrated and blemish-free.

It was until the last couple of years that BB Cream came over to the USA and the 40 year old beauty secret was finally given to us.

Instructions online said this can be used as a primer for foundation or instead of foundation depending on your skin color. Luckily, I am able to use it in lieu of foundation.

It goes on smooth and feels light and non-greasy. I joked around saying it’s like photoshop/airbrushing for real life since it does so well at hiding blemishes and giving my skin a smooth, flawless look.

I highly recommend this especially if you can use it in lieu of foundation. It’s actually cheaper than some foundations and works better!