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I received a free full sized product from Influenster to try it out and give my honest opinion.

Red Rose Real Tea is a water enhancer that comes in three flavors; Black Tea, Earl Grey, and Blackcurrant Raspberry. The product I was sent is the Black Tea flavor. All you do is squeeze once into a cup with 8 oz of hot or cold water (hot for hot tea and cold for iced tea). I first tried with iced cold water and was immediately reminded of the taste of my famous sun tea I used to make years ago using Lipton black tea bags. It tastes exactly like that! The best part is that this product is already lightly sweetened so you don’t need to add any extra sweeteners to your drink.

Next up, I wanted to try something unusual. I’ve been trying to give up coffee in the morning and replace it with green tea. The problem is that unsweetened green tea tastes horrible. So instead of getting up, walking to the kitchen and getting some sugar or Stevia, I reached for this bottle of Red Rose Real Tea and added one squeeze into my hot green tea. I stirred and then sipped. It was delicious!! The Real Tea gave enough sweetness and slight taste of black tea but it did not overbear the uniqueness of the green tea. Now I drink this almost every morning.

One thing to remember about the Red Rose Real Tea is that it does not need to be refrigerated, according to the bottle’s instructions so you can keep this handy anywhere you want. It’s small enough to fit in a purse so you can have it on-the-go or you can store it, like I do, in the living room next to my seat on the couch since that’s where I drink my green tea every morning. No matter where you decide to keep it, it’s small enough to store anywhere but has enough in there for 24 servings. I’ve been using it most mornings for over a week and I still have most of the bottle left.

Happy Tea Sipping!