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I was selected to receive the TLC VoxBox from Influenster for being a mom. The image above is what came in the box. Here’s the list:

  • Ivory Soap bar
  • Coupon for Free container of Bryers Gelato
  • Pack of Puffs with Lotion
  • ANEW Reversalist (wrinkle remover)
  • Shell Gas Rewards Card
  • Neo On The Go (portable spray of Neosporin)

The Ivory was a nice touch but since I won the Ivory Brand Badge several months ago (and still have a full 10 pack of Ivory bars), I decided to do something fun for my 6 year old son with the soap. We made the famous Ivory Soap Cloud! This experiment only works with Ivory, btw. You microwave a bar for about 3-5 minutes (depending on your microwave) until the soap bar becomes a large, fluffy, white cloud. The soap is still usable but it does crumble very easily. Some people mix the cloud with a tiny bit of water and press balls of it into cookie cutters then let it sit to create small soaps, while others use the soap as finger paints by adding a bit of water and food coloring to it.

Overall, this box was okay. The Puffs and Neosporin seems more geared for moms to take care of small children while on the road and the Shell Gas Card is free for anyone (you can get one online or by going to your local Shell station) but the ANEW and Bryers Gelato more than made up for that!