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Influenster sent me the Dessange Voxbox to try. Dessange is a French company and has recently started selling their products here in the US.

I received shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in conditioner made for dry and damaged hair. My first reaction upon opening the shampoo is the unpleasant scent. It smelled medicated to me. But I didn’t dislike it long because it lathered up quite nicely and seemed to really clean my hair. I have pretty thick and curly hair so I can tell the quality of a shampoo based on how quickly it lathers and how many times I have to wash my hair before it feels clean. With Dessange shampoo, I only needed to run it through my hair once.

Next up was the conditioner. The smell was much more pleasant than the shampoo and it had a very familiar aroma to me. I finally pinpointed it as cinnamon. For some reason, it works well in the conditioner but failed in the shampoo (in regards to scent alone). The conditioner left my hair immediately soft.

Once I got out of the shower and patted my hair with a towel, the final step was to use the leave-in conditioner. My first reaction was positive with this. Pumping a few drops into my palm, I could see and feel the oils. Some brands seem to water their leave-in conditioners down but Dessange seemed to fill theirs with beneficial oils. Massaging it into my hair I could feel how it moisturized my hair and didn’t leave a greasy film.

Overall, the process has left my hair very soft and easier to manage. While I don’t care for the scent, it’s worth it in the end. My favorite product is their leave-in conditioner, though. I can see myself using that even after washing and conditioning my hair with another brand (I regularly use Mixed Chicks).