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BzzAgent sent me a coupon for a free Bon Appetit pizza of my choice. My local Publix seemed to only have two varieties, pepperoni & pesto and mozzarella & pesto. I chose the one with pepperoni.

Cooking: The cooking instructions for this pizza is identical to most other frozen pizzas. Pre-heat the oven, remove the pizza from the box and plastic wrap, place pizza on center rack, let cook for 10-13 mins, cut, enjoy. Usually, I can get away with cooking for the maximum amount of time, but for this pizza, probably due to the thin crust, I should have cooked it a couple of minutes less because the cheese got darker than I usually like.

Taste: It was fabulous! The artisan thin crust was crispy, the pesto gave the pizza a nice buttery flavor, and the pepperonis were thicker than most brands make them and they tasted fresher than the usual.

Price: Publix had these pizzas priced at $6, which seems pretty steep to me since these are small pizzas. I could eat a whole one by myself. The coupon said it would redeem the grocery store for up to $4.19 so it appears my local Publix just over-priced the pizza. If I can find these cheaper somewhere else I would definitely buy it again. I want to try the bacon flavor that I’ve seen on their website.

I do recommend this pizza for anyone looking for a fresher tasting, delicious frozen pizza that offers toppings that we don’t usually see on frozen pizzas (pesto, thick pepperoni). If the price really is that high everywhere then I can see buying this only for an occasional treat but not something I would buy every week or two.


(My pizza fresh out of the oven, cut, and ready to eat!)