This post is a little bit different than my most recent posts because this review isn’t about a free product. Actually, this review is about a super cheap product that I found in the bargain bins at my local Target store.

It seems Target is now carrying a brand called iConcepts (by Sakar) that offer electronics from earbuds, headphones, cell phone chargers, etc. The cool thing about this brand is that it is a value brand. I didn’t see one item over $5.

The $5 bin held different colors of the headphones. The box describes them this way, “Headphones with comfort cushions & in-line microphone” It can be used on any device that has a 3.5 mm plugin (ipod, mp3 devices, laptops, etc).

They look nice but I wasn’t expecting much in the way of quality for only $5. Well, I was pleasantly surprised! I’m on day 2 of using these and while the “comfort cushions” still make my ears ache a bit (I probably just need to get used to them) the overall quality seems much nicer than I anticipated. The sound, while not the best, isn’t bad at all. I haven’t had a reason to try the microphone yet, but I may give it a whirl soon.

If you’re in the market for some decent headphones until you can get a more expensive pair, I highly recommend this brand.