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Through Influenster, I received the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs voxbox. Inside was 1 small sample size of medium color. The Airbrush Legs is a leg makeup that supposed to allow you to go without stockings while wearing a dress or skirt.

There is an issue with this right off the bat; those of you who know me well already know where I’m going with this. I don’t wear skirts or dresses. I only wear shorts when I’m in shape and that hasn’t happened since 2007. Here’s the thing; I work from home and when I do venture out, I prefer jeans and a tee shirt. The rare occasions when I must dress up, I usually wear black slacks with a nice blouse and dress shoes.

That being said…I’m a good sport and I love participating in voxboxes so I decided to give this leg makeup a go. Here are my observations:

Color: They gave me Medium which seems the perfect shade for me but it went on looking rather orangey. I didn’t care for the color compared to the rest of my body.

Application: Meh. If you have used or currently use liquid foundation, it’s just like that except you’re using a lot more in order to cover your legs. The instructions say to allow to set before getting dressed. Another words, let the makeup fully dry before you attempt to throw anything on over it unless you want your clothing to have smears of makeup on them.

Smell: It smells like foundation. I didn’t notice it as much once the product dried but it was there while I applied it.

In Practice: I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t wear it “out and about” since, like I said, I don’t wear skirts or dresses. Instead, I tried it out in-house. Therefore, I can’t report on whether it holds up in heat (with sweat) or in rain. If my facial foundation is any indication, I would think it would rub off or smear in sweat and rain but I can’t vouch for that hypothesis in this review.

Removal: The instructions indicate that you should wash it off with soap, water, and a cloth. It is “water resistant” so I can imagine it may take a little bit of extra scrubbing to ensure it all comes off.

Price: I found this product on Amazon for $13.99 (plus free shipping for Prime).

Overall: I personally have no reason to ever buy this product. Even if I start wearing dresses and skirts (my mother would love that), I can’t imagine paying $13.99 for makeup that gets spread on my legs and feet. The application takes more time than just throwing on some stockings. Also, I would just feel self-conscious about leaving evidence of my presence in case it smears off me. Removing it is just a pain in the butt. I’d rather just peel off stockings and throw them in the dirty clothes hamper. As you can tell, I’m not thrilled with this product for my own personal use. I would recommend this for those who go through stockings like crazy and who are confident enough in the product that it won’t smudge off onto chairs. For the price, though, stockings are still much cheaper and less hassle.