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Influenster sent me the TastyKake VoxBox recently to try and give my honest opinion about the new Tastykake Minis. The flavor I was sent was Reece’s Peanut butter.

Taste: Very sweet but delicious. Each packet comes with 3 minis and there are a lot of packets in the box, so plenty to share! The peanut butter did have that Reece’s flavor to it which made my mouth confused because….it’s a cupcake!

Value: I’m not sure how much each box costs, but if they’re priced the way most of TastyKake’s products are, then it shouldn’t cost too much. You get a lot of minis in the box so I would say the value is worth it if you’re looking for a sugar kick that actually tastes good.

Reactions: My 7 year old son devoured them! I only had a chance to eat 2 packets (6 minis) before my son commandeered the box and declared it his new after-school snack and that “no one else touch this box!”. Suffice to say, it only lasted about a week.

Overall: These are the perfect snack for kids or for adults on-the-go. They are small enough to fit in a lunch box, purse, or backpack and they aren’t messy. The only negative thing I can possibly think of is the sugar content. They are very sweet and as with all “junk” foods, it’s probably healthier if you only indulge every now and then. Remember, everything in moderation…I know…tell that to my 7 year old.

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